Friday, November 04, 2011

Well Hello!

I'm back again! I pulled that thing where I get lost and forget that I have a blog... Good times. I think I'll bookmark it and see if that helps.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Iron Lion

So, I'm getting work done on my arm this week.. Had a bit done yesterday, am skipping today, but going back tomorrow for more, hopefully. But for those of you who haven't seen it: Some pictures.

This is the inside of my arm, what I'm calling the "inner flame" part of the tattoo. I had smoke added yesterday, but it's so pink that it's hard to get a good idea of what it looks like, so I won't post the recent pictures of the inside. Here is the outside as of today:

I love it! Can't wait til it's done.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

16 Random facts of The Kate

1.) It is 730AM on a Saturday, and I am procrastinating. (this one is no longer true, as I schnagged this from yet another networking site that I don't update often.. so ya.)

2.) I still have the funniest and most enjoyable conversations with my x-fiancee, Henry. My best friend Jeanne and I could finish each others sentences on any given day. I can't go for very long without talking to Erica, Shylah, Lydia or Tonya- and we all tend to not get along with other women.

3.) Although I like Star Trek, I am most definitely not a Trekkie. I am a Star Wars nerd, thankyouverymuch. I am a sci-fi freak, this is a bit of an important distinction.

4.) I plan to retire by 30. Have no idea how it will happen, but ya gotta have goals, man. I also plan to cover the majority of my body in tattoos. I'm about 1/5th of the way there. I already have 14, by the time I'm done, I will have given up counting.

5.) I was fantastic at keeping a regular journal in high school and college. Although I type much faster than I write freehand, it is absolutely impossible for me to keep a blog regularly. I have two blogs, last of which I updated with "Game on" a while ago.

6.) I have two ex-wives. Both are lovely women. I dated their husbands while they were still married (both sets were completely separated), and they are now both great friends. One is tagged in this, because I'd love to see her answers.

7.) I have a room in my house devoted to Nerdery, and nerdkind. It is called the Nerd room. It includes my inaction and action figures, Wii, movies, D&D books, and other assorted nerd paraphenalia. Although I'm not a nerd that keeps things MIB for the value of it, I won't take things out of the box purely for sentimental reasons.

8.) I am going to Jamaica in April. My best friend since the shorty days is getting married, and I am so going. I have bought a prom dress for the occasion. The plan is for her to get married, then the lot of us wander around a beach all dressed up, drinking. I think this is a viable plan.

9.) I've recently started seeing a wonderful man named Mark. We had delicious, delicious sushi for dinner the other night. Mmm.. raw meat and sake.

10.) I hurt my back very badly when I was 25, almost 4 years ago- by being stubborn and stupid. I was in excruciating pain daily for about a year and a half straight. I still can't cross my left leg over the right, I can't sit in a normal chair for longer than an hour or so, and putting on socks is a trial. Be nice to your back, kids. It could happen to you.

11.) I have great friends who put up with me taking their pictures constantly. I recently got a new camera that makes me wiggly in the knees and fairly giggly every time I pick it up. I proposed marriage, but it's staying pretty quiet on the subject.

12.) The closest book to me right now is The Great Outdoor Fight. I've read it three times- I need to go back and read through the archives again. When I first started reading, I caught up from the archives at the Great Handface weekend, and didn't really understand what was going on there for a bit.

13.) I am very obsessive about textures vs flavor of food. I tend to be crazy in the "fun, ha-ha" obsessive ways, rather than over-analyzing and freaking out crazy. No, I didn't go to Med school.

14.) There is an odd smell in my fridge. I would go in and clean it out, but the trolls told me never to come back to their turf.

15.) I have met most people I date on the internets. By extension, most of my friends were, at one time or still are, friends of those people that I dated and I am now friends with. I have remained friends with 90% of the people I've dated. I'm just a friendly person, yo.

16.) I hate text speak, but I speak and type slang. This is quite an impasse, but I do it anyway.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Game on!

So, I totally forgot about this blog! YAY!

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Back to Work

Back to work for another lovely work week... Good news, it's a short week!! For those of you who haven't heard the rundown on my jobby-job... I process order paperwork for an international truck manufacturing company. It's blissful... just the sort of thing I like to do (process and arrange information(Ok, yes I know I'm crazy)) So it works quite well! My boss is gone this week, so... I get to Blog! :D

Anyway.. Hope ya'll are having a fantastic day!

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Numbero Uno!

Aiiiiiight. Welcome to Kates Blog. I've been meaning to do this for a really long time.. just really haven't gotten around to it. New and Exciting things in my life.....

A: I got a job!! YAAAY!! I'M USEFUL!!!
I got a job working for an international truck manufacturing company in Ottawa KS. I enjoy it, and the people I work with are fantastic.

B: I just saw Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. (yes, i know you non-seers are jealous)
Lucas released his latest Star Wars movie, Revenge of the Sith, Episode III. I'm a purist, I'll be honest.. I wasn't exactly excited about the new movies in general when they started coming out... but in retrospect, after seeing all three of the new era in Star Wars filmmaking... they weren't so bad. (Hides her head) Lucas has always been about taking things to a new level (THX sound, ILM) and I really feel as though he's done as good a job as he could do making prequels 30 years later. The technology is quite different, and I was quite eager to see the most recent one so that I could finally make my decision on the new Star Wars... Does Lucas pull it together into a cohesive visual story that people 30 years ago and in the present can find meaning and power in??

Kates opinion.... Yes. I'm not gonna leave any grey that people can nitpick over later... I truly think that George Lucas did a good job with his epic story. I could have wished he had released them all in the same relative time period... but considering that setback, the Star Wars Sextology (holla if ya'll figure out a better term... but I kinda like this one) still manages to fit together in a visual way (which was my biggest fear) So....I approve.

C: I'm reading The Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe (by Douglas Adams) and it's following sequels... I'm in Life, The Universe, and Everything right now... Quite good books... blends two of my favorite genres together in a fabulous way... Sci-fi meets Monty Python/British humor... I love it.

D:...... Umm... that's just about all I can think of that's exciting going on right about now.

Ok.. tha's quite enough out of me to start with.